TV Shows to Binge Watch

If there was ever a time to binge-watch every TV show, now is the time. We are confident that many of you who will be living at L and O apartments in the NoHo Arts District have already checked off several great TV shows to binge. For those who are just starting, here are some of our favorite TV shows to binge watch while in quarantine.

tv shows to binge watch

Scripted TV Shows to Binge Watch

Dave on FX

We are going to start this list with one of 2020s the newest shows, Dave. This show follows a young man by the name of Dave. Dave is thoroughly convinced that he is one of the best rappers of all time. All he has to do is convince his friends of the same and then the rest of the world.

Devs on Hulu

Another new show that has come into our lives this year is Devs. Devs is an FX series about a software engineer named Lily Chan who works at a tech company in Silicon Valley. It starts with her boyfriend committing suicide but soon reveals that it may be foul play, and we get to follow along as she uncovers the truth.

Sex and the City on HBO

Up next is an iconic HBO show. While Sex and the City ended years ago, it is still relevant today. The show follows Carrie Bradshaw, a sex columnist, and her three friends in the wild dating scene of Manhattan. These women were the originators of girl bosses. For all the ladies who haven’t dived into this show, are single, and possibly quarantined with your best girlfriends, subscribe to HBO On Demand and start watching!

Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

Last on our list of scripted television shows is a show that went from almost going off the air to becoming a global phenomenon. Schitt’s Creek follows a family who suddenly goes from riches to rags, and the only place for them to call home is their one remaining asset, Schitt’s Creek, a small town the father bought years ago as a joke. Watch as the hilarity unfolds as the family learns to adapt to their new lives in a town with tons of quirky characters.

Unscripted TV Shows to Binge Watch

Who doesn’t love a mini docuseries and reality tv from time to time?


First, we have a documentary miniseries covering one of the biggest scandals of the 90s. It’s about the Mcdonald’s Monopoly game scam perpetrated by Jerry Jacobson. Follow along to see what happens, how they went about conducting it all, and how everyone got caught.

Family Feud

Bring the family together with Family Feud. Easily one of the best TV game shows ever created. Two different families go head-to-head and try to guess the most popular responses to survey questions. Simple, fun, and great for the whole family.

Vanderpump Rules

Last but certainly not least, a guilty pleasure we like to call Vanderpump Rules. Lisa Vanderpump, who is also on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is rich and famous for running a handful of restaurants. That includes Sur in West Hollywood. She has employed a handful of waiters and waitresses who make up this very over the top cast. The real-life drama that ensues daily makes for some great laughs and the perfect distraction.

TV Shows to Binge Watch

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