While you may not be able to do major renovations to your apartment bathroom, there is still a lot you can do to turn this space into something uniquely you. That said, when it comes to decorating your L and O North Hollywood apartments for rent, here are a couple of tips for your bathrooms.

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L+O North Hollywood Apartments Home Decor Guide: Bathroom Edition

  1. Add hooks to your walls
    Grab a few metal hooks – skip the plastic for a more chic look – and hang them on the wall for your robes and towels. You can up the aesthetic of these details with floral patterned hooks. Some of our favorites are from the home and furniture section at Anthropologie.
  2. Become BFF’s with Peel and Sticks
    One of the best-kept secrets in the rental world is that removable wallpaper exists! Removable wallpaper can be used for walls, cupboards, floors, and so much more. Also, if you choose to include color in your bathroom but are too intimated to paint, this is a great alternative.
  3. Shower Curtains Matter
    We love making a statement at our apartments for rent in North Hollywood with a shower curtain. Go for bold colors, subtle gradients, or colorful patterns that will match your color scheme.
  4. Get A Plant Or Two 
    Nothing makes your bathroom feel more alive than a bit of greenery. For this space, find a house plant that likes humidity. We suggest air plants or ferns. For those of us not big on being plant parents, opt for some rubber plants.
  5. Hang Up Some Artwork
    Artwork belongs everywhere, even in your bathroom. We love including art with a comical essence above the toilet and something abstract by the sink. You could also opt for paintings of flowers if you aren’t comfortable caring for a plant in your bathroom. Pro-tip: Be careful with delicate artwork or paper products. The humidity of the shower may damage them.

No matter how you decide to decorate your L+O NoHo apartments, remember to have fun and make the space your own. Stay tuned for more tips and future blogs on home decor for your North Hollywood Arts District apartments by following us on Instagram @landonoho.

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