Over the past few months, the meaning of home has been redefined. It has become a gym, an office, a playroom, and of course, a place to retreat. Our L and O apartments feature various floorplans that provide the perfect amount of space and inspiration to create the home of your dreams. To keep you inspired, here are our favorite interior decor trends of 2020.

Interior Decor Trends

interior decor trends

Colors to inspire and relax

From your accent wall, drapes, or bedding, here are some interior decor colors to keep in mind:

Muted Mint: 2020 colors are taking on softer, more organic tones. Take, for instance, muted mint. Soft mint easily triggers a sense of tranquility, which is something everyone is looking for when designing their interiors. Whether it is a softer version of Dark Moss or Camo Green, the easiest way to bring a sense of peace to your apartments in North Hollywood is through soft colors like Muted Mint.

Baked Warm Colors: Continuing with softer tones, we also suggest decorating your L and O apartments in North Hollywood with warm baked colors. They are soothing but still evoke a sense of inspiration—for instance, different shades of terracotta. Baked warm colors and terracotta also make us feel more grounded.

Electric Blue: Bold and high-impact colors are uplifting. With electric blue, we highly suggest using it for your accent wall color or statement furniture piece. 

Interior Decor Trends

interior decor trends

High-tech Home

We can all agree that one thing we all hate is losing the remote. That in mind, invest in a Smart TV. It requires one remote, and best of all, if you lose it, you can easily download an app that will turn your phone into a remote. Making your home as hands-free as possible is a new and unexpected priority in today’s age. Take, for instance, your smartphones and tablets. To keep your devices clean and accessible, invest in device stands for both hard and soft surfaces. Charging cords are also a hassle. We suggest purchasing wireless charging stations so you can stay cordless and clean. They even allow you to maintain a minimal and calming aesthetic around the house.

Storage Units

The importance of proper storage spaces has increased. Home cleaning supplies, food, and office supplies all deserve a designated and aesthetically pleasing home. Minimalism is a style many of us have adopted by now, seeing as how we all want to clear ourselves of clutter. We can easily keep our home decluttered with stackable storage baskets, wicker baskets underneath the bed, and even fruit bowls on the island. The more you take into consideration your at-home storage units, the more they begin to look like a piece of decor. They will even make a space feel more open. Just be sure to invest in varying sizes. As far as materials go, favor metal and glass. They are sustainable and pair well with all colors. 

These storage trends also translate over into your workspaces. Stay productive and organized with foldable and portable partitions that can turn a dining table into a desk. For laundry and trash, invest in ones that have multiple compartments. Joseph Joseph has a great intelligent waste trash and recycling bin. Some of our other favorite places to shop for storage products are the Container Store and Open Spaces

Interior Decor Trends

In general, our trends are all about sustainability, comfort, adaptability, and creativity. Our L and O apartments for rent in LA feature some of these trends already. To see what else L and O offers, check out our floorplans.

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