We hope that our home decor guides have been helpful in the process of decorating your apartments in North Hollywood for rent. Today, we have for you a very anticipated home decor guide; your L and O bedrooms! All of these tips will work beautifully whether you live in one of our studios, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments. 

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Decorating your Apartments for Rent in North Hollywood: Bedroom Edition

  1. Bring In Additional Seating – Adding an accent chair can make this space even more inviting. We love putting this chair by a window. It is also an excellent way to bring contrast if you choose to have just one bedside table. 
  2. Use A Console Table As A Nightstand – Bedside tables can easily double as a vanity. Style it with family photos, jewelry stands, an oversized mirror, a table lamp, and even framed artwork.  
  3. Incorporate A Bench – If you prefer to keep the sides of your bed clear from seating, another alternative to additional bedroom seating is to put a bench at the end of the bed.
  4. Lay Down A Rug – It is always nice to step out of bed onto a comfy carpet. Regardless of what color or pattern you choose, adding a rug is a wonderful way to bring dimension and texture to your L and O apartments for rent in North Hollywood. 
  5. Use Art As A Headboard – Headboards don’t always come cheap. Instead, replace the headboard space with a large piece of artwork. It makes for a great focal point that can also bring contrast to neutral bedding and walls. 
  6. Make It Pop – A fun way to add a pop of color to this cozy space is to make your dresser a bright color like a fiery orange. 
  7. Install Wallpaper – Bring more playfulness to your NoHo Arts District apartment bedrooms with wallpaper. That can range from simple stripes to bold patterns. Bold wallpaper patterns also create an excellent contrast if you decide to have all white furniture in your bedroom. Best of all, so many brands are now creating easy-to-remove wallpaper! 
  8. Swap Out The Nightstand – For anyone who is a minimalist, a great way to create space is to replace your nightstand with a floating shelf. 

More home decor guides are on their way! In the meantime, if you happen to adopt any of these decor tips into your L and O apartments for rent, make sure to post a photo on Instagram and tag us @landonoho.