Fun fact, only just two weeks ago, the world celebrated National Hamburger Day. While we may be a bit late, there are many restaurants in North Hollywood near your L and O apartments with delicious burgers to dig into.

restaurants in North Hollywood

Restaurants in North Hollywood


While living in Los Angeles, you have the luxury of having In-N-Out, the world’s most excellent boutique fast-food burger chain. Their menu is simple and they have amazing french fries. Plus, they have a fantastic gluten-free style burger with a lettuce wrap. 

Ruby’s Shake Shack

We have to say that Ruby’s Shake Shack has the best Impossible Burger in town. Whether you are vegan or not, you must give it a go. The same goes for their shoelace French fries. If you aren’t vegan but don’t eat meat, Ruby’s also has a stellar turkey burger.

The Federal

We’ve mentioned The Federal before on this blog and it won’t be the last time either. They have some delicious items on the menu and that includes their Federal Burger. If you feel inclined to order more off of their menu, go for it! Everything on the menu is currently 20% off.

Restaurants in North Hollywood

Laurel Tavern

We can’t talk about Laurel Tavern enough. It is a local spot just minutes from your apartments for rent in North Hollywood with a delicious menu. Like some of the other restaurants on this list, they only have one burger on the menu. It is called the Laurel Burger with honey mustard, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and dill pickles.  


If you are looking for something eclectic, look no further than BurgerIM. It’s another one of the closer burger joints to your L and O luxury apartments in NoHo right along Lankershim. The must-try items are the Angus beef burger, the falafel burger, and the Hawaiin salmon.

The Fat Dog 

The Fat Dog is a small gastropub along Magnolia with a pork belly sandwich that will have you swooning at every bite. Don’t judge this item based on the name because it is far from a sandwich with it’s crispy, perfectly grilled burger buns.

Restaurants in North Hollywood

Whether you are planning your next cheat meal or are celebrating National Hamburger Day a few weeks late, any of these burgers will do just fine. Enjoy! 

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