Affordable restaurants in LA

Last week was all about luxury and fine dining. This week, we are treating your wallets to a list of budget-friendly restaurants in LA.

affordable restaurants in LA

Affordable restaurants in LA


First up is a quaint and casual Moroccan restaurant in Sherman Oaks. Just a few blocks away from the Galleria is Mizlala. If you plan on seeing a movie at the nearby Arclight, Mizlala is a great spot to grab a bite before or after the movie. While the space itself is a bit small, the modern decor is both bright and welcoming. The must-try’s on the menu are the artichoke hummus, the eggplant moussaka, and the brussel sprouts.

Salsa & Beer

If you are looking to fill up on tons of Mexican food near your L and O apartments in NoHo, then check out Salsa & Beer. Located along Sherman Way and Lankershim, Salsa & Beer features all the Mexican beers you can think of. Each of them will pair perfectly with your large, authentic Mexican dish. They have great enchiladas and their chips and salsa are a must.

International Grill House

If you are looking for a burger for a great price, then head on over to International Grill House. Also, located along Sherman Way, International Grill House, doesn’t just feature burgers and sandwiches. It also includes a list of kabobs. The entire menu is very reasonable but the kabobs are a bit on the higher end. In particular the lamb chop kabob for $20. The eclectic menu continues with breakfast featuring a variety of just quesadillas.

Affordable restaurants in LA

Wood Spoon 

Your L and O apartments in North Hollywood are just across the street from the Metro, which we highly advise using to visit our last two restaurants. Starting with Wood Spoon in downtown LA. If you are looking for an affordable menu bursting with flavor, this Brazilian eatery is it! Wood Spoon’s menu is made up of traditional Brazilian entrees like seafood stew in coconut sauce and chicken pot pie.


Our last stop is also in downtown LA. Craving Argentinian food? Then head on over to Barcito. Of all the restaurants on this list, Barcito is the most “expensive.” Nevertheless, it is still affordable. Barcito is perfect for a brunch date as well. The main highlight on their menu is the empanadas. In particular, the braised pork empanada.

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